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Each week get a step-by-step break down of new strategies, tools, and tactics to accelerate the results of your marketing, and become sought after for what makes you unique. 


  • Learn to Create & Optimize Customer Attraction Systems

    And become sought after for what makes your organization

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    Deep dives into every element of the campaign so you can replicate success.

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    Career advice, what's working in marketing today and more.

  • The Art of Differentiation

    How to become sought out for what makes you unique.

Become Sought After for What Makes You Unique

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  • Greg Hessong - Director of Strategy, Response Capture
    Great advice here with specific advice on how to increase the effectiveness of content marketing quickly. You're expanding my brain :)
    Greg Hessong - Director of Strategy, Response Capture
  • $1.4M in Opportunities from an eBook

    Get the email templates, landing pages, see the content strategy and more.

  • Record Breaking 974 Webinar Registrations

    The email invites, offer strategy, software used and more.

  • $1.2M in New Opportunities

    The 7 email account based marketing program that shattered all expectations.

About the Publisher


About Brendan Dell

Brendan is an award-winning messaging strategist and copywriter. He works with organizations - from start-ups to the Fortune 100 - to transform them into a Market of One.

Together they identifying what is unique and irreplicable about their organization - and what the market wants or needs most. They then create content to amplify this differentiation to the world.

He has helped his clients time and again best their own internal benchmarks - breaking records and earning recognition for their work.

Recognition not only from their internal teams, but also from organizations such as The Content Marketing Institute, The Davey Awards, The American Marketing Association and more.